János Ozor Szabó, called "Ozi" is double world champion and triple Europe champion in body building. He lost one of his legs in a motorbike accident when he was seventeen.
Thanks to his friends he could get over the trauma quickly and Ozi, who has done sports (wrestling) actively in the meantime as well, searched for chance to movement in a body building saloon. His strength was discovered at that time by others too. A few years later Ozi has moved from Budapest to Budakeszi and has established a body building saloon by his own, where he has been practising and preparing for competitions with his disabled fellows. From this not very well-equipped body builing saloon several people got into the frontline of the world.
In the last years the number of the team has been continuously growing and in the meantime unscathed people also has joined the group. At most of the competitons there is no differentiation in category of disabled and unscathed competitors, therefore Ozi with his fellows are racing regularly with unscathed people as well to prove that power is with them!