In the salt-mine of Parajd under the level of asthmatic treatment (visited by tourists) – in the depth of nearly three hundred meters – the salt exploitation is continuously going on twenty-four hours a day.
The levels located under each other have colossal size with their twelve m headroom, twenty m width and two hundred meter length – there is an underground territory in the size of a whole city. Miners are working in four shifts per day, in six hours a shift is able to exploit two hundred fifty-three hundred tons of salt. Generally they mine by blasting, put the poured salt on trucks, and empty it to a huge rail. This is the hardest work: they beat the big arrays with iron stick and auger to smaller pieces that can get through the rail. Salt falls into the elevator shaft, then gets into the lift that carries it near to the surface. From there, trucks take the salt to mills where they pulp it and will be used as street-caster salt. Local people use the minded and well-sifted salt for favouring dishes at home as well.
In former times they cut the trucks to smaller pieces on the surface to fit into the elevator shaft and welded them in the underground. Today the subterranean transport is guaranteed by established roads between the different levels.